Findings & Reports

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The Spotlight – Student Affairs Monthly Updates

The Spotlight is a monthly update on the departments within Student Affairs. It highlights data driven improvements and efforts made by the departments. The Spotlight is distributed monthly to Student Affairs stakeholders including members of the Board of Trustees, university administrators and SA staff members.

Student Affairs Snapshot/Annual Report Presentations

The Snapshot highlights the progress of Student Affairs from May to May of each year. The information on the Snapshot comes from departmental annual reports.

Student Affairs Benchmarking Surveys (Formerly NASPA Consortium Studies)

The NASPA Assessment & Knowledge Consortium was a historical partnership between NASPA, Campus Labs (now Anthology), and several leading student affairs associations and organizations. The Consortium studies were designed to provide colleges and universities with actionable campus-specific and benchmarking data to shape and enhance programming inside and outside the classroom.

Project CEO

Project CEO: Co-Curricular Experience Outcomes is a national study Campus Labs administers about co-curricular experiences.

Its purpose is to determine to what extent students believe they are gaining the 12 skills identified as most desirable by employers in new college graduates by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The study will further investigate whether students believe they are gaining these skills from their involvement in co-curricular activities, from their classes, from internships/practical experiences, from student employment on campus, or from employment off campus.

Culture of Evidence

Assessment & Strategic Planning strives to promote a Culture of Evidence that reflects the transparent knowledge gathered through shared findings and the results of improvements made by the departments. Each summer Student Affairs is asked to rank where they believe the division is in creating a culture of evidence for each rubric category.

Effectiveness Reports

Assessment & Strategic Planning leads the Division’s efforts in adhering to SACSCOC standards. Specifically, the office leads Student Affairs in completing annual Effectiveness Reports. Effectiveness Reports reflect the progress of each department’s annual strategic planning outcomes.

The CallOut

The Callout magazine is a publication that comes out twice a year from Student Affairs – one edition focuses on student stories while the other reflects on facts and figures for each year. The Annual Report version of The Callout is posted on this Assessment & Strategic Planning website. It provides a look back on the past year and highlights some of the fine work from the division.

Last modified: September 12, 2023