• The Director of Assessment & Strategic Planning for Student Affairs will chair the Assessment Team (A-Team), a Division-wide committee.
  • A minimum of two representatives from each VP/AVP area will serve on the Assessment Team. Representatives from additional departments are welcome to serve if they so wish in addition to the two person minimum for direct report areas. VP/AVP direct report areas will select which structure works best them. Note: At least one representative from each service department under the SVPSA will maintain A-Team membership.
  • Supervisors will select members for appointment on the A-Team. Selection should involve individuals with interest in and/or responsibility for assessment.
  • Each member will hold his or her appointment on the A-Team until his or her department’s supervisor appoints someone else or until there is a natural reason for attrition.

Meeting Schedule

  • The A-Team will hold one-hour-long standing meetings in the Student Center each month.
  • When needed, the A-Team may hold additional meetings or extend the times of meetings.

Last modified: December 6, 2019