A-Team Strategic Plan

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The Assessment Team (A-Team) serves as a central coordinating point for the assessment efforts of Student Affairs by assisting staff members as they plan and implement programs and services that align with the strategic priorities of Auburn University and Student Affairs.


Goal 1

Culture of Evidence – The A-Team will encourage the continuous improvement of departmental and Student Affairs -wide assessment efforts.

  • Objectives/Action Steps:
    • Build a culture of evidence through transparent knowledge by sharing findings and by sharing how departments use results to make improvements
    • Promote the effective and efficient use of resources and data to maintain and improve quality across Student Affairs
    • Encourage the use of assessment to be congruent with evidence-based practices and programs
    • Use data to identify strengths and weaknesses for decision-making
    • Advocate for the use of assessment throughout the Student Affairs at all levels


Goal 2

Support – The A-Team will serve as a resource for the assessment needs of Student Affairs.

  • Objectives/Action Steps:
    • Assist in developing assessments that will allow for the collection of the most relevant information to achieve desired outcomes
    • Offer guidance as appropriate from the beginning stages of assessment planning through completion
    • Provide opportunities for department staff members to share their findings with Student Affairs

Last modified: October 3, 2023