Assessment & Strategic Planning Mission

The mission of Assessment & Strategic Planning is to foster a culture of evidence throughout Student Affairs in order to provide effective and efficient co-curricular programs and services for students that support the strategic priorities of Auburn University and Student Affairs, including student learning and development.

Assessment & Strategic Planning Key Functions

Key office functions include building a culture of evidence within Student Affairs by doing the following:

  • Guiding Student Affairs in strategic planning;
  • Leading Student Affairs in assessment of student learning, programs, and services;
  • Supporting Student Affairs in fulfilling SACS accreditation requirements;
  • Promoting efforts to close the assessment cycle by communicating the impact of Student Affairs programs and services to stakeholders through assessment findings;
  • Training Student Affairs staff members on instrument development, planning and assessment tools, strategic planning, and evaluation;
  • Overseeing administration and usage of software products for efficient and effective assessment and strategic planning;
  • Leading the Student Affairs Assessment Team;
  • Gaining buy-in and support from Student Affairs staff members, campus partners, and others for all assessment and strategic planning efforts;
  • Communicating the impact of Student Affairs programs and services;
  • Working towards creating a culture of evidence;
  • Assisting colleagues with instrument development;
  • Facilitating program reviews;
  • Supporting division-wide and departmental grant writing opportunities;
  • Completing special projects for Student Affairs administrators, as needed;
  • Representing Student Affairs on the University Assessment Council and other various committees and subcommittees.

Last modified: December 6, 2019