Student Affairs Plan


Vision: To provide exceptional student-focused programs and services


Mission: Student Affairs cultivates a welcoming and meaningful student experience reflective of the Auburn Creed


Values: Auburn Student Affairs is dedicated to the service and care of our students and the Auburn experience. We passionately cultivate a supportive and engaging campus, taking students from where they are to where they want to be. We are a division of dreamers, believers and achievers. A family that’s always there.


We are…

  • Committed–to the care and service of our students.
  • Honest–operating with integrity.
  • Respectful–of others and who they will become.
  • Responsive–in getting things done.
  • Dependable–through all challenges and successes.
  • Passionate–about the student experience and the Auburn Family. War Eagle!


1 Welcoming Environment and Inclusive Community

1.1 Create, expand, and support programs and initiatives that engage students and promote a welcoming and inclusive environment
1.2 Equip staff through an enrichment strategy designed to expand professional competencies regarding equity, identity, diversity, and inclusion

2 Professional Readiness through Meaningful Engagement

2.1 Engage students in growth-oriented experiential learning
2.2 Create and enhance collaborative programs and services that equip students to lead

3 Health, Wellness, & Safety

3.1 Promote health, wellness, and safety through a holistic, data-informed approach that focuses on prevention, education, and intervention
3.2 Implement staff training and compliance to create a safe learning and living environment for students

4 Operational Excellence

4.1 Foster a data-informed and outcome-driven culture
4.2 Provide excellent service to enhance the student experience
4.3 Manage budgets, technology, marketing, and human resources to operate with responsiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness

Last modified: December 13, 2019