A-Team Strategic Plan

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The Assessment Team (A-Team) serves as a central coordinating point for the assessment efforts of Student Affairs by assisting staff members as they plan and implement programs and services that align with the strategic priorities of Auburn University and Student Affairs.

Goal 1

(Note: strikethroughs indicate completed tasks)

Culture of Evidence – The A-Team will encourage the continuous improvement of departmental and Student Affairs -wide assessment efforts.

  • Objectives/Action Steps:
    • Build a culture of evidence through transparent knowledge by sharing findings and by sharing how departments use results to make improvements
      • Compile testimonials of problems solved/findings used for improvement
      • Plan/conduct 2013-2018 Strategic Plan focus groups with students (HIED 8200 completed, spring 2015)
      • Recommend the use of assessment and strategic planning software products
      • Assist with launch of Anthology (Campus Labs) software (spring 2013)
    • Promote the effective and efficient use of resources and data to maintain and improve quality across Student Affairs
      • Assisted with transitions off of SurveyMonkey (fall 2013)
      • Add the university’s academic calendar to the Baseline calendar if possible
      • Create an assessment cycle calendar for routine reporting (summer 2015)
      • Establish a channel through which reports will flow
      • Use the Baseline calendar to more effectively administer assessments to students to prevent participant fatigue
    • Encourage the use of assessment to be congruent with evidence-based practices and programs
      • Create assessment overview for Student Affairs new employee orientation (spring 2016)
      • Encourage the use of assessments that support department/unit/Student Affairs goals
      • Educate Student Affairs staff members regarding the use of nationally recognized and other reference instruments that are available
    • Use data to identify strengths and weaknesses for decision-making
      • Use results from Staff Aptitude, Attitude, and Experience with Assessment Survey to understand comfort levels and gaps with assessment (spring 2015)
      • Use results from Culture of Evidence Rubric to understand comfort levels and gaps with assessment
      • Administer post-assessment of Staff Aptitude, Attitude, and Experience with Assessment Survey and identify changes (NOTE: A-Team decided to obtain feedback from departments orally rather than re-administer) (spring 2015)
      • Assist departments with interpreting results for use in decision-making
    • Advocate for the use of assessment throughout the Student Affairs at all levels
      • A-Team members to serve as individual liaisons to their departments (ongoing)
      • Incorporate assessment into the 2013-2018 Student Affairs strategic plan (brainstormed, trained for, and participated in creation of 2013-2018 strategic plan key components (spring/summer 2013) (on-going)
      • Market assessment by way of T-shirts for the A-Team (summer 2014)
      • 2-minute highlight of department assessment efforts at Student Affairs events
      • Share snapshot data at Student Affairs-wide events
      • Incorporate assessment highlights at all Student Affairs-wide events (i.e. assessment table decorations) (Ex: Holiday Summit table cards, fall 2014) (On-going)

Goal 2

Support – The A-Team will serve as a resource for the assessment needs of Student Affairs.

  • Objectives/Action Steps:
    • Assist in developing assessments that will allow for the collection of the most relevant information to achieve desired outcomes
      • Create an assessment decision tree for methods selection (spring 2014)
      • Create survey/focus group question banks and templates (spring 2014)
      • Compile a resource with standardized instruments for program areas
    • Offer guidance as appropriate from the beginning stages of assessment planning through completion
      • Create frequently asked questions and answers related to assessment and strategic planning
      • Review assessment plans
      • Create an assessment library (fall 2014)
      • Offer consultation for individual assessment projects
      • Provide a practice presentation forum for assessment planning or ongoing projects
    • Provide opportunities for department staff members to share their findings with Student Affairs
      • Highlight key findings from assessments
        • On Student Affairs App
        • Brown bag lunches
        • At monthly coffees (began spring 2015)
        • Assessment highlight in the Student Affairs newsletter
        • Share results on Student Affairs social media
        • Post results on TVs in Student Center and within the Student Involvement Suite
        • Share findings in This Week at AU and AU Daily
        • Encourage the use of findings in Camp War Eagle presentations for all Student Affairs areas
      • Encourage departments to collaborate by sharing resources to build efficient and effective assessments
        • Conduct peer reviews of assessments and reports (ex: Effectiveness Reports, fall 2013 and 2014) (NOTE: This is ongoing annually)
        • Challenge departments to coordinate in order to reduce repetition and yield more effective assessments
        • Administer assessments based on a cycle
        • Encourage thoughtful longer term planning of assessment efforts
      • Improve the quality of assessment efforts by providing resources and trainings to enhance Student Affairs staff members’ capacities and comfort levels in conducting assessments and evaluating results
        • Offer training related to closing gaps identified by participants in the Staff Aptitude, Attitude, and Experience with Assessment Survey
        • Offer training related to closing gaps identified by participants on the Culture of Evidence rubric
        • Create and offer tutorials/recordings/training sessions to build assessment capacity with staff members within Student Affairs
        • Engage in ongoing efforts to further A-Team members’ knowledge related to assessment
        • Revise Expanded Common Language and distribute to the Student Affairs (spring 2014)
        • Create an Assessment 101 course (spring 2016)
        • Provide outlets for Student Affairs Graduate Assistants to participate in and learn about assessment
      • Develop, refine, and share resources on the Office of Assessment & Strategic Planning website
        • Provide transparency regarding Assessment Team progress (summer 2015 progress update at June Workshop & minutes on website) (on-going)
        • Create electronic archives of trainings when possible
        • Publish educational resources for Student Affairs staff members (spring 2016)
        • Evaluate assessment website value

Last modified: January 29, 2021